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What does सत्यमेव् जयते (Satyameva Jayate) mean?

Satyameva Jayate is a Sanskrit expression which means "Truth Alone Triumphs".

Where did this expression first origin?

The origin of the motto is a well-known mantra from the Mundaka Upanishad (details on this later)

Why is Satyameva Jayate the title of this blog?

Because it is my firm belief that notwithstanding the wicked, the evil and the bloodthirsty murderers, the astucious and the dishonest, and their serpentine efforts to dominate and obliterate all but their creed, using any and all means, one day truth shall ultimately triumph, and the righteous shall vanquish the fiendish.

Why is "yigalite" the sub-domain name for this blog?

I have posted in blogs (primarily TimesOfIndia) using this name. So for consistency I decided to use the same name as the sub-domain. I also have a YouTube and Twitter account by this name. If there are people with “yigalite” or any similar spelling/sounding accounts in other places, they are independent of this blog, the YouTube and Twitter accounts, and I have no links with those people and their accounts. It might be worthwhile to mention here that égalité is French for equality.

Who is the author(s) of this blog?

I prefer to remain anonymous, but I can provide some information about myself. I did my undergraduate in India in the late 70s, then went abroad for graduate and post-graduate studies. After working in the US for close to 5 years, the yearning for my motherland brought me back. I worked in both public and private sector undertakings for close to 2 decades. Currently, I do consulting work for government as well as private firms. In my free time, which is very rare, between personal commitments, if I come across something that I feel strongly about, I try to make a post in this blog.

Why is this blog anonymous?

Given that some posts may touch religious issues, I have no wish of being blown up or gunned down in cold blood by some messed by religious bigot looking for carnal, materialistic pleasures in the afterlife.

What is this blog for?

This blog primarily deals with subjects concerning the nation of India (known as Bharata in Sanskrit since ancient times), as well as political and religious issues that in some way could concern the human species as a whole.

Why has this blog been created?

Because, as a citizen of Bharata, and as a member of the human species, I consider it my solemn duty to make an impact in whatever way I can to fight this menace and false violent ideology infested around us, which extols its ideologues to murder, persecute "disbelievers" in this life with promises of carnal, materialistic pleasures in the afterlife. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, "Truth Alone Triumphs". But, merely believing in that is not enough. Actions should reflect one’s beliefs. Since neither me nor my ideology believes in some totalitarian, violent, regressive nonsense, so I decided that at this point, the best way I can fight this biggest threat to the human species is by using the power of the word.

Are comments moderated?

Comments are allowed to be posted as is, post moderation. Formatting of comments may be changed to save space and/or make it easily readable. No linguistic or content changes are made. However personal attacks at anyone, or abuses and obscenities are absolutely disallowed, and will be removed. It is also expected that readers will make comments related to the post and not some tangential, irrelevant drivel. While personal opinions are welcome, when possible and where applicable, readers should provide peer-reviewed verifiable references, and desist from making blanket statements. If material is obtained by other sources, credit must be provided. Repeated offenders will be irrevocably blacklisted, and any further contribution from them will be auto-deleted. More on this in the Legal page. If URL’s are put in comments, they will most likely be auto-deleted as spam. So, change the URL formatting to get around the spam filter. For example, <zllp:/ /yigaliteDOTwordpressDOTcom/>, or <www . somesiteDOTkom>. Usually comments are approved or unapproved soon enough, with a day or two in most cases. Sometimes though, it may take some time for a comment to show up if the moderator hasn’t got a change to log into the blog. More often than not, the wait time is not longer than a week or two, in worst cases. So, if your comment hasn’t shown up yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its been unapproved. It might just be waiting in the queue.

What if I find something in the blog offensive?

Post a comment in the Feedback page outlining why. And the necessary will be done to remove any such material, if that is indeed the case. More on this in the Legal page.

What if I find something in the blog violating any copyright?

Post a comment in the Feedback page with specific details, and based on the copyright terms, any such material will either be removed, or credits provided to the copyright owner. More on this in the Legal page.

Can I use materials in this blog to quote somewhere, or use in some other venue?

Please refer to the Legal page for details on this.

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