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TimesOfIndia recently brought out a news item [1], on the Polish government approving a law making chemical castration mandatory for pedophiles in some cases.

Included Below are excerpts.

Under the law, sponsored by Poland’s centre-right government, paedophiles convicted of raping children under the age of 15 years or a close relative would have to undergo chemical therapy on their release from prison.

The purpose of this action is to improve the mental health of the convict, to lower his libido and thereby to reduce the risk of another crime being committed by the same person

Note the age of 15 years. Again, note the implication of pedophilia being an indication of mental illness.

The American Psychiatric Association defines Pedophilia as:

“A pedophile is a person who over at least a 6 month period has recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children (age 13 years or younger). The fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. The person is at least age 16 years and at least 5 years older than the child or children. Not to include an individual in late adolescence involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with a 12 or 13 year old (straight or gay). Individuals with pedophilia generally report an attraction to children of a particular age range. Some individuals prefer males, others prefer females, and some are aroused by both males and females. Pedophilia involving female victims is reported more than pedophilia involving male victims.” [2]

Now, I would like to talk about the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, and in particular his marriage with Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr, a man Muhammad called his brother.

In this regard, lets consider the following hadith.

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64: Sahih Bukhari Narrated ‘Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).[3]

Please bear in mind that Muhammad was more than 50 years of age when he married Aisha. This can be confirmed from the following hadith.

“Sahih Bukhari: Volume 5, Book 59, Number 742:Narrated ‘Aisha: Allah ‘s Apostle died when he was sixty-three years of age. [4]

There are other hadiths as well which corroborate the aforementioned ones.

When Abu Bakr was hesitant to marry off his 6 year old daughter to a 50+ Muhammad, the following Hadith sheds light on what Muhammad said.

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 62, Number 18: Narrated ‘Ursa: The Prophet asked Abu Bakr for ‘Aisha’s hand in marriage. Abu Bakr said "But I am your brother." The Prophet said, "You are my brother in Allah’s religion and His Book, but she (Aisha) is lawful for me to marry."[5]

Following is a hadith which mentions how Muhammad had fantasies about Aisha even before he married her.

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 62, Number 15: Narrated ‘Aisha: Allah’s Apostle said (to me), "You have been shown to me twice in (my) dreams. A man was carrying you in a silken cloth and said to me, ‘This is your wife.’ I uncovered it; and behold, it was you. I said to myself, ‘If this dream is from Allah, He will cause it to come true.’ "[6]

Since Aisha got married to a 50+ Muhammad at the age of 6, a reasonable guess would be that he fantasized about her when she was possibly around 4-5 years of age. But wait! Lets not jump to conclusions. Following is a citation from the book of Sirat Rasul Allah by Ibn Ishak, the most authentic biographer of Muhammad. Most other biographies are based on this monumental work by Ibn Ishak/Ibn Hisham.

Suhayli, ii.79: In the riwaya of Yunus I.I recorded that the apostle saw her (Ummu’l-Fadl) when she was baby crawling before him and said, ‘If she grows up and I am still alive I will marry her.’ But he died before she grew up and Sufyan b. al-Aswad b. Abdu’l-Asad al-Makhzumi married her and she bore him Rizq and Lubaba[7]

In the same context, following is another hadith by Musnad Ahmad.

Muhammad saw Um Habiba the daughter of Abbas while she was fatim (age of nursing) and he said, "If she grows up while I am still alive, I will marry her." [8]

Clearly, Muhammad’s interest in young girls extended beyond Aisha. As it can be clearly seen Muhammad, Allah’s messenger and the prophet of Islam, not only had uncontrollable urges to have sexual relations with little girls as young as 6 years old, he in fact was mentally ill enough to fantasize about  toddlers.  Why would anyone think that Muhammad’s sexual interest in babies be "the timeless expression of the Will of Allah?" How does such a prurient desire support Muhammad’s claim to be a prophet of Allah? Such a desire by an old man is contrary to nature, and is a perversion against the moral and ethical order of the universe.

It is unacceptable and abhorrent for any person, be it someone claiming to be the messenger of God or not, to lust after little girls and even babies. And therein lies the crux of the issue. Islam itself is based largely on Muhammad being the messenger of Allah and a person worthy of emulation. Who, as per Islamic traditions, lived his live in accordance with the divine injunctions of Allah. Since any attempt to reform Islam would involve admitting to some degree that Muhammad didn’t exactly live the life of a prophet, and furthermore that the divine injunctions aren’t exactly what true divinity would ordain, Muslims adamantly refuse to reform. This lack of reform is again largely consonant with the unquestionable, illogical submission that Islam demands. After all, the literal meaning of Islam in Arabic is submission. Yes, submission to Allah and the ways of his prophet, even if that prophet, if alive today, would have been castrated according to Polish laws for pedophilia.



[2] Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, American Psychiatric Association, 1994.





[7] Ibn Ishaq, The Life of Muhammad: A Translation of Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, translated by A. Guillaume [Oxford University Press, Karachi], p. 311

[8] Musnad Ahmad, Number 25636



    • yigalite
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    Firstly, it has been clearly outlined in the About page of this blog that “If material is obtained by other sources, credit must be provided“. It is immaterial whether the comment author is claiming the material as his own or not. If contribution has been obtained from another source, unconditionally and unequivocally, credit must be provided, and the source must be referenced. ni2w has violated this not once or twice but three times, in spite of being repeatedly pointed out.

    Secondly, it has also been repeatedly pointed out that if the reader is not able to provide specific peer-reviewed and/or verifiable material from trusted and/or academic sites, they should desist from “copy-pasting” from random questionable sites. Unfortunately ni2w has repeatedly “copy-pasted” material from questionable sites, while having the audacity to blatantly claim that he has provided material from “learned” sites. He further accuses me of prejudiced rants, while absolving himself of the same, in the same breath. He also accuses me of being a Hindu fundamentalist. Wikipedia defines fundamentalism as “belief in a strict adherence to a set of basic principles”. Nowhere in my blog have I eulogized Hinduism at the cost of other denominations. Nor have I berated Muslims. In fact astute readers will find that in places I have clearly delineated Muslims from Islam, and made it quite clear that any decree or injunction in Islam that may have negative connotations doesn’t necessarily reflect on all Muslims. Clearly ni2w’s definition of fundamentalist extends to anyone who might point out any criticism of Islam. This by definition is called prejudice.

    For the material in my post, I have referenced the following sources: (a)The University of Southern California, (b)A publication by the Oxford University Press. I will leave it to the readers to determine if the University of Southern California, or Oxford University Press will publish prejudiced rants, as ni2w has accused me of.

    Now, lets take a look at the sites ni2w has used: (most of these sites were understandably not even referenced by ni2w, and were only revealed by web search hits)
    (a) []: The title of this site reads “Alt Sex Stories Text Repository“. Enough said.
    (b) []: The title of this blog reads “only_4_adults people seeking joy of life!“. Furthermore, as I pointed out in an earlier comment, there is a comment in this blog by a user called “OldWizard” which reads as follows: “I had an incestous relationship with my grandparents and found it most enjoyable for many years“. No doubt a fair peer-reviewed learned academic comment by ni2w’s standards.
    (c) []: This looks like the website of some kind of a religious-spiritual organization based out of Sweden and India, comprising Indic, Oriental, and ancient South American beliefs.
    (d) []: As per the about page in this site, it seems to be the personal website of a family that goes by the last name Kamat.
    (e) []: There is absolutely no sort of information in this site as to its authors, site owners, or moderators, etc.

    By claiming the aforementioned sites as learned, I can only imagine how much of learning ni2w has imbibed over the course of his life.

    ni2w further claims that “Incest in Hindusim is along with paedophilia“. Again, a blanket statement without any references to back it up. This goes against blog policy, which clearly states that “readers should provide peer-reviewed verifiable references, and desist from making blanket statements“. Yet another violation by ni2w, in spite of being repeatedly pointed out. He further claims that M.K. Gandhi was married and consummated his marriage at the age of 13, again without any references. While it is true that Gandhi married a 14 year old Kasturba at age 13, ni2w probably found information about Gandhi’s marriage consummation from one of his aforementioned “learned” sites. From Gandhi’s autobiography [Gandhi, M.K. (1940), An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments With Truth, Ahmedabad: Navajivan Publishing House. 2nd edition. Pp. xii], page 9, Gandhi says about his marriage, “As we didn’t know much about marriage, for us it meant only wearing new clothes, eating sweets and playing with relatives“. Furthermore, Gandhi’s eldest son Harilal was born 5 years after his marriage, when he was 18 and Kasturba was 19. ni2w claims that Gandhi’s marriage at age 13 is a indication of pedophilia. It is unfortunate he has neglected to fully read and/or comprehend the information in the post. Unfortunately, as it has been conclusively proved now, a prejudiced mind as ni2w’s will only see what it wants to see. As mentioned in the post, with a peer-reviewed reference, as per the definition of pedophilia by the American Psychiatric Association, “…The person is at least age 16 years and at least 5 years older than the child or children…“. Given the information ni2w himself has provided, this definition contradicts Gandhi’s case. Enough of Gandhi. ni2w is perhaps unaware of Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s (the father of Pakistan) marriage to his 14 year old cousin Emibai Jinnah [India’s partition: the story of imperialism in retreat, D. N. Panigrahi; available in Google books]. Nevertheless, it might be worthwhile to mention here that unlike the prophet of Islam, Mohammad, neither Gandhi nor Jinnah claimed to be messengers of God. If by seeking to draw an analogy between a non-prophet person and Mohammad, ni2w seeks to justify Mohammad’s sexual depravity, I am afraid he has only succeeded in reinforcing the fact that Mohammad was no prophet, and was just an ordinary man who manipulated and terrorized people into believing in his claims of being a prophet, solely for gaining power and justifying his sexual debauchery.

    Now, lets take a look at the verses ni2w has provided from one of his “learned” sites. These verses have been provided from the site [], which as I mentioned earlier, has absolutely no sort of information as to its authors, or owners. There is no information as to what organization or people are behind this site. I will let readers compare this against the University of Southern California site I have provided. The verses provided by ni2w have been obtained from an “article” from this anonymous site authored by one “Sita Agarwal”. Who is this “Sita Agarwal”? What are her qualifications and/or credentials? Unfortunately neither the “article” nor the site has any information on this. The “article” claims to have been obtained from []. is an internet based hate group. The group openly supports and promotes violence against Hindus (especially Brahmins) in Tamil Nadu and across India. In fact, the group’s site has been blocked under the category of violence and hate speech by Surfwatch patrol, parental control software used by many households and schools in the United States and Canada. It is also listed in the “hate directory” of the Web Based Public Safety Information Access System []. I will let readers decide the academic veracity of such a banned site that ni2w calls learned, vs. a site from University of Southern California, as I have provided.

    ni2w is a Muslim apologist from London, UK who, being a Muslim, is understandably furious at my post on Mohammad. And in his efforts to justify Mohammad’s sexual depravity and perverseness, he has sought to bracket Islam with Hinduism by claiming incest and pedophilia as being a universal phenomenon. To provide some semblance of legitimacy to this blanket statement, ni2w has indulged in mindless “copy-paste” from a whole plethora of questionable sites which he has rather audaciously (or perhaps foolishly) called “learned”. In doing so, as mentioned in the beginning of this comment, ni2w has repeated broken two important blog rules. (1) Failure to reference original source of material (2) Failure to provide peer-reviewed material from academic and/or trusted sites. In light of this, ni2w is hereby banned from this blog. Any further comments by ni2w will be marked as spam and auto-deleted by the system.

    • Ni2w
    • Posted October 20, 2009 at 8:37 pm
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    Yigalite has accused me of plagarism. At no point I have claimed that what I am contributing is written by me. My reason for contributing from other LEARNED Journals or writings is to avoid subplanting Yigalite’s prejudicial rants with my prejudicial rants.
    I make only one point. Yigalite is a Hindu Fundamentalist and as such choose to publish material which is insulting to Isalm. In doing so he fails to look at his own religion.
    He also asks, why I post items about incest in Hinduism, considering he has not accused Isam of incest. However he has acused Islam and in particular the prophet od paedophilia. Incest in Hindusim is along with paedophilia. Lets not forget Gandhi was married at 13 and in his own words it was consumated at 13. In today’s standards that would be paedophilia.
    THE FOLLOWING IS NOT NOT NOT NOT mine. I found it on the net. The truthfulness of it is not diminished by the fact that it was not written by me. As Kabir the muslim poet said. “Mol karo talvar ka, pardi rehne do mayan”.
    zttp:/ /www htm

    [Edit]Since this is a exact replication of the material under section 6.6 in the above link, interested readers can go to that link. Material has been removed to save space. URL has been reformatted to remove direct linking. Please copy the URL and change its formatting to get to the site mentioned. The re-formatting is intuitive and should be easy to make. Text in the comment has also been reformatted to save space. No other content or linguistic edits have been made


    • yigalite
    • Posted October 19, 2009 at 9:12 am
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    This is the third time ni2w has provided material without referencing the source in the comment. The material in the comment “FINAL NAIL IN THE STORY OF ISLAMIC INCEST” has been obtained from an “article” titled “The History of Incest”, available at [], as a web search hit revealed. It might also be available in other sites. Providing material from other sources without referencing the source, is against blog rules. One more aberration, and ni2w will be banned.

    Again, as before, I welcome ni2w to provide the exact verse from the Mahabharata which the excerpt references. In fact there are also non-Mahabharata related subjects the excerpt seems to reference, which I welcome ni2w to provide the exact verses for as well. For interested readers, there was a comment in the post from where ni2w obtained his excerpt, which reads as follows:
    OldWizard said:
    I had an incestous relationship with my grandparents and found it most enjoyable for many years.

    I will leave it to the readers to decide the academic veracity of such blogs which ni2w seems to be quite fond of visiting.

    This post as I have mentioned in an earlier comment is not about “Incest”. However ni2w seems to be consistently resort to nihil ad rem by “copy-pasting” from random blogs and sites without providing any specific details and/or trustworthy references, in a desperate effort to justify Mohammad’s sexual depravity which has been meticulously recorded by Muslim historians themselves.

    I repeat, do not randomly copy-paste from other blogs or sites if unable to provide specific details and/or references. There are countless blogs and sites on the Internet, from where desired albeit questionable materials can be easily obtained after a few web searches. However, obtaining peer-reviewed and/or verifiable material from trusted and/or academic sites, and providing clear references will take more than just Internet search skills, and provides legitimacy to a comment. As mentioned earlier, one more transgression and ni2w will be irrevocably banned.

    • yigalite
    • Posted October 19, 2009 at 8:44 am
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    This is the second time ni2w has provided material without referencing the source in the comment. The material in the comment “HERE IS SOME MORE SITATIONS” has been obtained from [], as a web search hit revealed. It might also be available in other sites. Consistency in providing credit to the original source is expected.

    I welcome ni2w to provide the exact verses. The references (could be positive or negative) to incestuous relationships in Rig Veda, and its condemnation in Manu Smriti and in the Rig Veda itself, doesn’t condone or justify a person claiming to a prophet lusting after babies and seeking to marry 6 year old girls. As mentioned in an earlier comment, it only buttress the argument that “Muhammad didn’t exactly live the life of a prophet, and furthermore that the divine injunctions aren’t exactly what true divinity would ordain

    • yigalite
    • Posted October 19, 2009 at 8:32 am
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    The blog referenced for the comment “SOME MORE COMMENT FROM MAHABHARTA”, doesn’t provide any sort of information on the exact verse from either the Mahabharata or the Harivamsha from where the author claims V.K. Rajwade has made his observations about traditions of Indian marriage.

    While the information provided may or may not be true, I would like to request readers not to randomly copy-paste from other blogs or sites if they are unable to provide specific details and/or references. There are countless blogs and sites on the Internet, from where desired albeit questionable materials can be easily obtained after a few web searches. However, obtaining peer-reviewed and/or verifiable material from trusted and/or academic sites, and providing clear references will take more than just Internet search skills, and provides legitimacy to a comment. As mentioned earlier, repeated offenders will be blacklisted.

    • yigalite
    • Posted October 19, 2009 at 8:07 am
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    The reference in the excerpt from the “article” says “Ibid, p.24”. I welcome ni2w to provide the exact verse from the Mahabharata which page 24 in “Ibid” is possibly referring to, which has led to the inference in question. For people interested, Mahabharata is neither a religious revelation, nor is it a “divine” injunction. It is an epic which forms an important part of Hindu mythology.

    • yigalite
    • Posted October 19, 2009 at 7:52 am
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    This post is not related to the topic of incest, not does it at any point imply incest being “endemic” in any society, including Islamic. If by seeking to “prove” that incest and child abuse as a social evil are or were prevalent in all human societies, ni2w wishes to imply that Mohammad’s sexual depravity was just an expression of this evil, I am afraid, it only buttress the argument that “Muhammad didn’t exactly live the life of a prophet, and furthermore that the divine injunctions aren’t exactly what true divinity would ordain

    ni2w further claims that “incest and child sex abuse is endemic in Hindu society too“, implying that incest and child abuse is endemic in human society as a whole (not sure if he wishes to include Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, etc.). Now, this is a blanket statement without any sort of logical aegis or peer reviewed verifiable references. The “article” in question doesn’t provide any such inference. If this is his personal opinion then of course its a different matter [sic].

    Furthermore, he accuses me of being a Hindu “Fundo”. If any reader has any disagreement with anything in this blog, they are welcome to point that out and provide counter arguments in a logical manner without using any sort of expression bereft of public form etiquette. This has been clearly outlined in the About page of this blog. Trying to attack someones credibility by making blanket statements and using questionable expressions, reeks of impuissance of logic, reasoning & etiquette. As mentioned in the About page, repeated offenders shall be blacklisted.

    • Ni2w
    • Posted October 17, 2009 at 12:16 pm
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    I quote, meaning not my original composition but from another blog.
    “……One more example of the Mahabharata is that in 40 to 46 Adhyaya of Karnaparva Karna tells Shalya that in Madradesha father, son, mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, maternal uncle, aunty, son-in-law, sister, brother, grandson, friends, guests, servants, maids etc. all indulge in sexual activities. In this country women with their consent could have sexual intercourse with men they like. For that they need no introduction also.
    Apart from the incest in such an Arsha society the intercourse in open, public places was common. It was legal, ethical. That was why nobody felt taboo about it. For example, the temples in Khajuraho, Ajanta-Ellora or similar other temples/caves in India can be quoted.
    Similarly there was a mention of Brahma, who had a relation with his daughter. Yami, sister of Yama, the lord seeks sexual pleasure from her brother. The example of Draupadi is well known.

    So Mr Yigalite, I do not doubt that incest existed in the muslim societies, however before you gleefully and mischiveously point it out as a part of you anti-muslim venom, I suggest you study Hindu scriptures as well as Hindu society.
    Those who live in glass houses need to take care before they throw stones

    [Edit]Text in the comment has been reformatted to save space. No linguistic or actual content edits have been made.

    • Ni2w
    • Posted October 17, 2009 at 11:58 am
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    Women in Hinduism – Incest
    Several references to incestuous relationships are made in the Rg Veda [Rg Ved. VI.55.4, X.3.3, I.116.19, I.91.7, III.31.1-2]. However, it is condemned as a sin in the Manu Smriti [Manu 11.59] and in the Rig Veda [X.10].

    • Ni2w
    • Posted October 17, 2009 at 11:53 am
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    “I have with me a small volume, which deals with history of tradition or institution of Indian marriage by V.K. Rajwade. He has convincingly proved that monogamy has evolved centuries after the tribes the world over lived with common partners and children. Till date, several tribes in Australia, Africa and Asia live like that, out of sheer socio-economic necessity. But many Indians may find it shocking that in their holy texts of Harivamsha and Mahabharata, incest was not considered a sin and instances of lending one’s wife to a dearest friend or honored guest could be found.”

    zttp:/ /www .kamatDOTcom/jyotsna/blog/blog.php?BlogID=1183

    So much for pointing the finger at Islam. Our own house is not quite in order.

    [Edit]URL has been reformatted to remove direct linking. Please copy the URL and change its formatting to get to the site mentioned. The re-formatting is intuitive and should be easy to make.

    • Ni2w
    • Posted October 17, 2009 at 11:49 am
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    “While child marriages are consciously excused as defenses against seduction by males, they also, of course, carry out the seduction, since child marriages have generally been consummated right away and since the groom is almost always decades older than the child bride. As the Mahabharata says, “Let the man of thirty years wed a ten-year-old wife, a nagnika (one that has not yet menstruated), or let the man of twenty-one get one seven years old.”(102) Since prior to the 1929 child Marriage Restraint Act most Indian girls were married and began sexual intercourse before age 12, they moved from familial incest to sex with older men chosen by the family while they were still children.(113)”

    L. D. Sanglivi, “Inbreeding in India.” Eugenics Quarterly 13(1966): 291-301; P.5.5, Rao and S. G. lnbaraj, “Breeding Effects on Human Reproduction in Tamil Nadu of South India.” Annals of Human Genetics a41(1977): 87-98; A. K. Ohosh and P. P. Majumder, “Genetic Load in an Isolated Population of South India.” Human Genetics 51(1979): 203-8.
    101. Ibid, pp. 110-13.
    Ibid, p.24.

    • Ni2w
    • Posted October 17, 2009 at 11:42 am
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    The piece entitled “This May Interest The Readres” is indeed an extract from an article on the subject of universality on incest. I did not claim that it was written by me. The reason for psoting is to make the point the Yiaglite is inherently anit-muslim and takes a great deal of pleasure in posting – on his own blog – propoganda material. My comtribution was to point out to him as well as other readers that incest and child sex abuse is endemic in Hindu society too. He is a Hindu Fundo.

    [Edit]Text in the comment has been reformatted to save space. No linguistic or actual content edits have been made.

    • yigalite
    • Posted October 17, 2009 at 6:15 am
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    This is indeed very sad for that poor girl. It is however quite consonant with the following line from the post: “It is unacceptable and abhorrent for any person, be it someone claiming to be the messenger of God or not, to lust after little girls and even babies.” Thank heavens, those vile, low-life, sickeningly perverted criminals didn’t claim to be messengers from Allah.

    • yigalite
    • Posted October 17, 2009 at 5:56 am
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    Writing something without giving credit is no different than common thievery. ni2w’s effort on providing readers “interesting reading material”, is a blatant word for word “copy-paste” from [; Same “article” is also available in a “Sex Stories Text Repository” [;, as a web search hit revealed. It might also be available in other places. From the same “article”, in the same context as ni2w’s copy-paste exercise, the following text is included.

    In the oasis of Siwa, for instance, mothers regularly give their boys to older men for sexual use, both related and outside the family, and fathers regularly lend their young sons to each other, similar to the Central Asian Islarnic tradition of bacaboz, where most fathers trade their sons with others for sexual use.(173) Pederastic marriages and pederastic prostitution have been so widespread in Siwa until just recently that everyone is accustomed to the proposition that men normally love boys more than they do women, saying: “They will kill each other for a boy. Never for a woman.”(174) Muslim holy men (imaam) regularly have boys available for sex, saying the ingestion of the imaam’s semen is necessary for absorbing his spiritual powers, sometimes even extending to formal marriage with the boy.
    Sex for boys in the Middle East is said to begin in infancy and continue throughout childhood. Parents and others masturbate the infant’s penis in order “to increase its size and strengthen it,” and older siblings have been observed playing with the genitals of babies for hours at a time.(175) As the boy gets older, mutual masturbation, fellatio and anal intercourse are said to be common among children, particularly with the older boys using the younger children as sex objects as a reaction to the over stimulation of the family bed. Pederasty of boys by the men in and near the ex-tended family is said by an Arab sociologist to be common, since “the mere sight of pretty boys is regarded.. .as disturbing and terribly tempting.”(176) Moralists often find it necessary to issue warnings such as these: “A man should never spend the night in a house with beardless boys” and “Do not sit next to the sons of the rich and noble: they have faces like those of virgins and they are even more tempting than women.”(177)
    By the time of circumcision – a traumatic ritual(178) that is usually performed at ages 3 to 6, whose unconscious purpose is to purify the boy and cleanse him(179) of the molestation to which he has been subjected – the boy is supposed to stop wearing the dress-like shin that allows ready access to his genitals and begin wearing pants. However, since he often continues to sleep in the parental bed, to have sex with siblings and cousins, to experience sexual attacks at school and to attend nude public baths (hammam) with his mother and sisters,(180) his sexual over stimulation often continues into the 7- to 14-year-old phase. Much of the incest may occur in the baths. Bouhdiba reports: “The hammam…is a highly eroticized place – so much so indeed that the name has come to signify for the masses the sexual act itself… ‘going to the hammam’ quite simply means ‘making love’.. .Every Muslim can relive his childhood in terms of his experience of the hammam. . notoriously a place of homosexuality, male and female.. .there the child has all the time in the world to contemplate, examine and compare sexual organs [so that] every Muslim is fixated on his mother…”(181)
    As girls in the Middle East are considered worth less than boys, it may be that their incestuous use during childhood is even more prevalent. One report found that four out of five Middle Eastern women recalled having been forced into fellatio between the ages of 3 and 6 by older brothers and other relatives.(182) A female Arab physician who recently conducted an extensive study of childhood seduction reported that “most female children are exposed to.. incidents of sexual assault” during their early years by “the brother, the cousin, the paternal uncle, the maternal uncle, the grandfather or even the father. If not a family member, he may be the guardian or porter of the house, the teacher, the neighbor’s son, or any other man.” (183) The molestation, she says, begins with masturbation or fellatio and then proceeds to intercourse. “In most cases the girl surrenders and is afraid to complain to anyone, since, if there is any punishment to be meted out, it will always end up by being inflicted on her. It is she alone who loses her honor and virginity. The man never loses anything…” The incidents are termed “frequent, but remain hidden, stored up in the secret recesses of the female child’s self, since she dare not tell anyone of what has happened to her…”
    Girls are reported to be sexually assaulted at school and in the streets,(184)

    The assaults are accompanied by severe physical and psychological damage, according to research by one group of medical experts at the Ministry of Justice in Cairo, and usually go unpunished even in those rare occasions when they are brought to the attention of authorities, “in order to avoid scandal.(186) Since the girl’s hymen must be intact when she gets married, surgical repair is sometimes requested in order to conceal the loss of virginity through the assaults. As in the Far East, young servants are particularly favored sexual objects, both for men whose wives are absent, menstruating, pregnant or frigid and for adolescents who sometimes feel less guilty having sex with ser-vant girls than with their sisters.(187)
    Arab women, of course, are often aware that their spouses prefer having sex with little boys and girls to having sex with them. Their retribution for the men’s pedophilia comes when the girl is about age 6, when the women of the house grab her, pull her thighs apart and cut off her clitoris and sometimes her labia with a razor, thus usually ending her ability to feel sexual pleasure forever.
    Often the girl’s labia are cut off in addition to the clitoris – the so-called “Pharaonic circumcision” or “infibulation” – and the remaining flesh is sewn together, leaving only a small opening for urination. The vagina must of course be cut open before intercourse, and the women often also have great difficulty giving birth and have to be further cut to allow the baby to pass through. The vaginal area is then re-sewn together after the baby is born “to give the men more pleasure during intercourse” and has to be cut open again during each successive birth. During all of these mutilations the girls undergo excruciating pain, sometimes die of complications, usually hemorrhage, often pass out from the shock (since no anesthetic is used) and often suffer from tetanus, blood poisoning, chronic urinary tract infections and infertility.
    The rationalization given for clitoridectomy is that little girls are naturally so sexual that it is necessary “to release them from their bondage to sex” and “to stop them from masturbating.” One informant reported that “girls fell from their bicycles because of sexual overstimulation if their clitorises were not cut.”(193) Since the operation usually makes the girl frigid, it can be said to achieve its stated aim of reducing girls’ sexual pleasure. Men usually do not want to marry women with intact clitorises, believing they will be “oversexed” and betray them. It is the custom in some countries on the wedding night for the husband to be the one to cut his bride’s vagina open with a knife, then have repeated intercourse to prevent it from closing again.
    The initial mutilation of the girl’s genitals is usually done by the women of the family, under the supervision of the mother. The unconscious motive seems to be revenge for the men’s sexual abuse of the girl, since interviews so often reveal earlier memories of seduction. One women relates her memory of her clitoridectomy as follows:
    I was six years old that night when I lay in my bed, warm and peaceful…I felt something move under the blankets, something like a huge hand, cold and rough, fumbling over my body, as though looking for something. Almost simultaneously another hand.. .was clapped over my mouth to prevent me from screaming. They carried me to the bathroom… I remember.. a rasping metallic sound which reminded me of the butcher when he used to sharpen his knife… My blood was frozen in my veins… I realized my thighs had been pulled wide apart, and that each of my lower limbs was being held as far away from the other as possible… I felt that the rasping knife or blade was heading straight down towards my throat. Then suddenly the sharp metallic edge seemed to drop between my thighs and there cut off a piece of flesh from my body.I screamed with pain despite the tight hand held over my mouth, for the pain was not just a pain, it was like a searing flame that went through my whole body. After a few moments, I saw a red pool of blood around my hips.I did not know what they had cut off from my body, and did not try to find out. I just wept, and called out to my mother for help. But the worst shock of all was when I looked around and found her standing by my side. Yes, it was her, I could not be mistaken, in flesh and blood, right in the midst of these strangers, talking to them and smiling at them.(194)
    Clitoridectomy – like all genital mutilations of children – is, of course, an act of incest motivated by the perversions of the adults who perform the mutilation. Although we are not used to thinking of it in this way, in fact mothers who attack their daughters’ genitals with knives are as incestuous as fathers who rape them.
    Since genital mutilation is one of the most widespread childrearing practices, its presence alone makes incest a universal practice-despite our habit of denying its sexual motivation by terming it a “rite of passage (it often involves no passage to a new state at all) or a “puberty rite” (it usually occurs long before puberty). Also, the sexual excitement of the adults attending the mutilation is overlooked, even when – as in Siwa – the mother masturbates the child prior to the mutilation, or when – as in Morocco – prostitutes regularly attend the mutilation ceremony in order to relieve the sexual tensions generated (195)

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    Three jailed in family rape case

    Three men have been given long jail terms for raping a member of their own family as she grew up. Cardiff Crown Court had heard that the woman was abused from the age of five to 22, and she became pregnant at 14. A step-uncle, 55, and stepfather were jailed indeterminately, with terms recommended of 20 and 15 years. Her brother-in-law was jailed for 12 years. The judge said she had been treated like an “unpaid and unwilling prostitute”. “Mum didn’t believe me – she hit me with a rod and stuff like that”. None can be publicly named to protect the victim’s identity. The step-uncle was convicted of seven counts of rape, three of indecency with a child, and one of indecent assault. The stepfather and the brother-in-law, 27, were each convicted of three rapes. The court was told that both the step-uncle and stepfather are illegal immigrants, who will be deported after they have served their sentences. Judge Patrick Curran told her step-uncle: “Not content with your own sexual abuse on her, you encouraged the others to treat her like an unpaid and unwilling prostitute. The judge said she had been treated like an “unpaid and unwilling prostitute”. “You all then involved yourselves in a group rape on her.” The judge added that the continued presence of the two older men in the UK was “detrimental to the public interest.” During the trial, the court was told that when the woman became pregnant at 14 she was hidden away, sometimes in a wardrobe. The jury heard that the woman allegedly told her mother that her step-uncle was the father, but was not believed. Prosecutor Marion Lewis had told the court last month that the first time the victim saw a doctor, she was seven months pregnant. “When the baby was born the girl’s parents told friends and neighbours it was their own, before flying their daughter to India for an arranged marriage,” she said. The step-uncle agreed in court he was the father of her child, but told the jury he had not found out until much later once DNA tests were carried out. Miss Lewis said the girl went to police last year and told officers she had been repeatedly abused from the age of five. The three men, all from Cardiff, had denied the charges but were found guilty of rape and indecency after a trial.

    From BBC 16/10/2009

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    Childhood in much of India begins with the young child being regularly masturbated by the mother, “high caste or low caste, the girl ‘to make her sleep well,’ the boy ‘to make him manly…”‘ This practice has been said to be widespread by many reliable observers, including Catherine Mayo – whose extensive investigations in India in the 1920s led to the first child marriage laws(90) – a physician,(91) an ethnologist,(92) a religious scholar (93) and a sociologist.(94) As is the case with virtually all non-Western cultures, the child sleeps in the family bed for several years and regularly observes sexual intercourse between the parents. The extent to which Indian parents go beyond this and overtly have sex with the child cannot be determined. Rampal, the sociologist who recently did interviews modeled on the Kinsey studies about contemporary Indian sexual practices, concludes that “there is a lot of incest…It is hidden along with other secrets of families and rarely gets a chance to come out, like seduction at the hands of trusted friends of the family… To arrive at even a passable estimate of incest cases would be to touch the hornet’s nest.. no one will ever confess to such a deed, therefore, any attempt to collect statistics may prove to be futile at present.”(95)
    Boys as well as girls are reported as being masturbated and raped by the men in the family, including fathers, older brothers, uncles and cousins.(96) By the time children are four or five, they are usually taken to bed at night by others in the extended household. “A particular uncle may like her to sleep in his room, which is considered a great gesture of closeness.”(97) As one girl describes it: “I hardly ever slept with my parents after I was four. I rotated almost every night between my various uncles and sometimes my grandmother. But it was difficult to have any space in her bed because all the grandsons slept in her bed.. So I prefer-red to sleep in [uncle’s] bed, who was very nice and put his arms around me in winter.”(98) This practice is similar to the customary sharing of their wives by brothers, who have free sexual access to each other’s wives, an ancient practice still approved of in some areas in India.(99)

    90. Katherine Mayo, Mother India. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co., 1927, pp.25-26; also see Mayo’s many subsequent books and other books written in response to hers, a bibliography of which can be found in Harry F. Field, After Mother India. New York:
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