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Recently I came across a very interesting comment in a blog [1]:

It is important to understand the 3 columns of Islam and the MO of Islamic expansion.

The first column is the pious, peaceful, hardworking, family oriented Muslim believer. These people would be decent friends and neighbors even if they were devil worshipers. These are sincere but profoundly naive people who honestly fail to comprehend the dark side of their religion and turn a blind eye to outrages committed in its name. They are the Muslim vanguard into new territory. They are the smiling faces and extended hand of Islam surrounded by large and growing families as it expands into the west.

The second column is the Muslim organizers. These are those who are committed to the formal expansion and control of territory in host nations. These are the mosque builders, the urban community activists, the first to file lawsuits demanding specific legal accommodations reserved for Muslims. The first to invite the hate preachers into the newly established mosques. These are the ones who drive out the host culture and replace it with Islamic culture, resulting in self segregation of Muslim communities as those of other faiths feel culturally marginalized and leave. The cultural manifestations of Islam are deliberately onerous and intrusive for a reason. That reason is to ensure that Muslim communities are uncomfortable places for non-Muslims to live.

The third column is the Islamic Jihadists. The Jihadists emerge after the two previous columns of Islam have done their work and established homogeneous Muslim communities within which the Jihadists may operate outside the laws and scrutiny of the host nation/culture. The Jihadists actively attack the host society from within on every level; from petty vandalism and street thuggery to 9/11. Every outrage is justified by claiming that if only Muslims were not ‘marginalized’ then the violence would end. Of course, Muslims are by definition ‘marginalized’ until the host society accepts Muslim norms. In a word, the Jihadists work is to impose Sharia law on non-Islamic societies via violence and fear.

That is how it has been done for centuries. It works. Islam exists only to spread and control and no system has ever been devised that is as effective, brutal, efficient and patient in its conquest.

And when Muslims become the majority, they give the host society the ultimatum. Become Muslim, accept Muslims as your absolute overlords, or be killed.

That is the pattern. Read the history of Muslim conquests. It is your future because the west had degenerated into a civilization of gutless worms who think sending their young men to be blown up by roadside bombs and treating the battlefield like a courtroom where every enemy has a lawyer, is ‘war’.

This comment was made by a person called “pongadae”

While the name of the person is not really important, the comment he/she made is chillingly true for the most part. Of all the three columns of Islam, it is the second column which is the most dangerous. Because not only are they completely in cognizance of the true intolerant, bloodthirsty nature of Islam, but more dangerously, they completely subvert that and cloak it under a veneer of legerdemain, as is justified in their totalitarian, deceitful faith. They will very conveniently turn a blind eye to every Islamic act of violence, and the divine injunctions in their creed which extol believers to murder, persecute disbelievers in this life, with the promise of carnal, materialistic pleasures in the after life. While not sparing a moment to cry wolf in the name of secularism, pluralism, etc., when non-Muslims react to Muslims following such despicable, medieval decrees. They continually refuse to introspect as to why is it that 90% of the violence on this planet can be attributed to a particular dogma. And why is it that such actions are divinely ordained in their creed? Is that really a sign of true divinity? However, as I mentioned earlier, they very conveniently turn a blind eye, and adamantly refuse to look within. And when someone raises this, they will immediately start calling them racist, fascist, communal, Nazi, etc., and will use deceit and subterfuge of the worst kind to malign them and will even resort to threats of violence to try and shut them up. Under such circumstances it is easy to see why reform is nearly impossible in their creed. More than the Jihadis, these organizers need to be exposed and brought down in order to put an end to this virulent ideology.




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